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Tombstone is a 1993 American western starring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Powers Booth and many others. The film tells the story of the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday in Tombstone, AZ. Covering the time from the Earps arrival in Tombstone, AZ, through the shoot out at the O.K. corral and the subsequent Earp vendetta ride. The movie starts with the arrival of the Earp brothers and their wives in Tombstone. Mattie, Wyatt's wife, is shown early requesting laudanum, an opiate, with it quickly becoming obvious that her addiction is creating tension between Wyatt and his wife. It also becomes rapidly clear that the Earps are there to make money, nothing more. A short time later Wyatt Earp and his brothers run into Wyatt's old friend, Doc Holliday.

As the story progresses Wyatt meets and falls for an actress from the local playhouse, it is made obvious that a gang of outlaws, run by Curly Bill Brocius, runs rampant in the town and that the Sheriff is either a part of the gang or too afraid to stop them. After a confrontation between Brocius and the city Marshal, that leaves the lawman dead, Wyatt's brothers become the new Marshals.

Wyatt is eventually pressured by his brother to help out with the duties of enforcing the law. Doc Holliday tags along as they go to the O.K. Corral to disarm the Clantons and a few others from Curly Bill's gang.

Following the gunfight at the corral the tensions in town between the Earps and the Curly Bill/Clanton factions intensify. In a night everything changes as one of Wyatt's brothers is killed and the other is badly wounded. Following this latest clash Wyatt and the remains of his family prepare to leave town amid the insults of Curly Bill and his gang.

At the train station a couple of men from Curly Bill's gang show up to finish of the Earps. This marks the beginning of the vendetta ride with Wyatt, Doc and a couple friends cutting a bloody swath of vengence through the area.

| 1993 | 2 hr 10 min | 7.8/10
George P. Cosmatos, George Pan Cosmatos
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