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"Punishment Comes One Way or Another."

True Grit, originally a novel, was done as a film before the 2010 version with Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges as Tom Chaney and Rooster Cogburn respectively. The film opens up with 14 year old Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) explaining how her father was killed by a hired hand while she's collecting his body. Young, angry and hungry for revenge, Mattie wants the killer, Tom Chaney, caught. But the town authorities won't chase him into Indian Country. So she seeks out renegade Rooster Cogburn, who tends to shoot first and ask any important questions later. It also turns out that a Texas Ranger named LaBeouf (Matt Damon) wants Chaney for a separate crime. Both men try to put Mattie off, but she is insistent and refuses to back away.

As they go on down the trail Godburn and LaBeouf argue, and go their separate ways. Cogburn and Mattie are directed by a man they meet on the road towards an old dugout used by travelers for shelter. When they get there two outlaws have already taken up residence. While they're being interrogated one man is fatally stabbed by the other, the stabber shot dead by Cogburn. They find out that the gang they want with Chaney is returning that night. LaBeouf returns, is taken hostage, but during the shootout Cogburn gets most of the bandits.

After LaBeouf and Cogburn argue and go their separate ways again, Mattie discovers Chaney while getting water. She shoots him, but is taken hostage. Cogburn backs off, and Mattie is left with Chaney to be watched by his small gang's boss. LaBeouf knocks Chaney out, and they watch as, below, Cogburn faces off with half a dozen men. Chaney wakes up and knocks out LaBeouf, and Mattie shoots him, knocking herself into a rattlesnake hole. Poisoned, she lives, but loses the arm she was bit on. The film ends with Mattie looking for Rooster as a woman, finding he's died.

| 2010 | 1 hr 51 min | 7.6/10
True Grit
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