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Stephanie Meyer Discusses More 'Twilight'

Jimmy Kimmel asked “Twilight” mind Stephanie Meyer the question we’ve all been wondering—will there be more “Twilight?”

“I know this is the final installment of the movie series but is it possible, that in like, ten years, like with ‘Spider-Man,’ they will start over, and would you support another ‘Twilight’ series, with new actors, and a whole new gang?”

Meyer responded, “I’m sure it’s possible they might start over… as to whether I would support it, I think it would depend a lot on what they were doing exactly.”

Kimmel notes that she is known for being protective of her work, as many authors are.

“It happens all the time… adaptations are tricky… I got really lucky, there was an early script before I was with Summit that did go a little bit off of the… you know, with the speed boats, and the night vision goggles, and Bella’s got a gun…”

“Will you write any more books in this vein, or are you on to other things now?” Kimmel questions.

“I never say absolutely not just because I don’t want someone to call me a liar in ten years if I change my mind, but right now it’s… vampires, I’ve been doing that for a long time.”

Kimmel also asks, “Will you go to see the movie with a crowd of paying customers?”

“If I do, I’ve done that before, I won’t do it on like, opening night again, because you literally hear nothing, it’s just screaming and shushing, the whole time, it was hard to pay attention.”

Also, Mumbies—mummy zombies—should be a thing. Don’t worry, Kimmel’s on it.